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On October 12th 2009, the Radboudumc in the Netherlands launched with the ambition to map all automatic electronic defibrillators (AEDs) in the Netherlands to start with, in an independent way.

Six minutes

The first 6 minutes after someone has been hit with cardiac arrest are essential. Fast defibrillation of the patient is of great importance for their chance of survival. Thanks to the introduction of automatic electronic defibrillators even non-medical personal can apply defibrillation. There are an estimate of more than 50000 AEDs in use in the Netherlands for example of different brands and versions. Certain municipalities have a record of where there are AEDs in neighborhoods, but an independent complete record of AEDs is missing.


A first: mobile internet

Anticipating the AED information that still has to be collected, the UMC St Radboud wants to make the available data accessible in as many innovative ways as possible, for example via mobile internet. In the Netherlands for example there are an estimate of 20 million mobile phones. Research by Multiscope has shown that the number of users of mobile internet has grown with 53 % in the last year resulting in over 1.3 million people of 12 years and older are using mobile internet. This number will grow in the coming years. People that own a mobile phone with access to the internet with a digital compass (Android and iPhones) have the scoop. They can use an augmented reality browser ( that can show restaurants, ATMs and hotels but since today also the nearest location of an AED with the relevant data. For example they can see the distance, contact information and the route to the nearest AED. The information moves with you while you are using your phone and shows you in which direction and at what distance the AED is, including all the information that is available via the website. The AED record via the Layar reality browser is unique for the Netherlands, Europe and USA.

AED via your iPhone

Everybody with an iPhone without the compass function has access to the still limited AED-data. They can see the distance, contact information and the (walking) route to the nearest AED. This special app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store for free by searching for or by pressing the button at the top of the screen. Besides this iPhone application there are also application for the Android and Windows mobile platform and in Layar.

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